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Offshore Overview

When your business is running twenty-four seven to come up with innovative means to maximize its potential, outsourcing isn't just an option, it is a necessity. Today, efficient business process outsourcing has become the lever to unload your organization of resource-consuming procedures and controllable costs. All working towards allowing your organization a stronger focus on core business areas.

The BPO arm of Kaizen Technologies came about as a pro-active endeavor to channelize our experience to enhance client performance above and beyond labor cost arbitrage. Merging IT and BPO gives us the ability to 'leapfrog' the competition to deliver maximum value to our clients. With a vision to be a Top global technology service provider by 2010, BPO is a central pillar for realizing this goal.

We offer business process outsourcing solutions to our global clients by leveraging process, domain and people management expertise. At Kaizen we have built our organization around managing risk for our clients through a scalable, cost-effective and predictable delivery platform. Our clients need a strong partner with the expertise, resources, and proven solutions to help navigate a dynamic business environment. Kaizen brings its expertise to bear around the domain areas it knows and understands best - Banking, Securities & Brokerage, Insurance, Telecom, Finance & Accounts and Healthcare. We further combine our inhouse expertise with the solid technology foundation in the fields of Information Technology and Engineering, to bring value to our clients on a consistent basis. Our clients use this powerful combination to help them:

Minimize capital outlay while still benefiting from best in practice process management skills
Improve profitability and productivity through operational efficiencies and focus on meeting customer needs
Expand volumes, markets and product offerings
Deal with a changing and challenging business environment
Our objective is to enable our customers move up the risk-reward curve by providing them the benefits of outsourcing while effectively managing and mitigating risks associated with off-shoring based on our experience and process management skills.

No wonder our customers trust us. Our focus is on building long and deep relationships with our clients, and we view ourselves as a strategic extension of their capacity and not as an external agency.