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  1. Kaizen Technologies Inc supports Hands of Hope, Edison, NJ a non-profit community based organization

    Kaizen Technologies, based out of Edison, NJ.

  2. Voice Biometrics A Major Choice for Security and Healthcare Says Edison Firm

    EDISON, N.J. — Voice biometrics is shaping up as a major choice for security and healthcare in 2020. For example, Edison based Kaizen Secure Voiz (KSV), a respected leader in the voice biometrics industry, services a leading national security firm employing hundreds with more than 50% mobile guards in the field.

  3. Top 100 Innovations of the world (INNOVATE New Jersey USA)

  4. Kaizen Secure Voiz to Improve AI based Contactless Biometrics Security during Covid-19

    Kaizen Secure Voiz patented voice biometrics & speech analytics software has made contactless authentication possible without having to place hands anywhere near a scanner or take off face masks which are required in public as a safety precaution.

  5. Detailed presentation on Voice Authentication for govt, industry and customer references

  6. Customer facing presentation on voice bio metrics by Kaizen Secure Voiz, NJ, USA - American English

  7. Kaizen Voice Biometrics Solution [ animation]

  8. Innovator Spotlight

  9. Touchless Interactions

    It is imperative in crisis times to disrupt and reinvent new models. Increased awareness of touchless interactions will fast-track the adoption of digital and social media marketing