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Project Management

Given today's ever-changing information technology environment and your focus on achieving multiple strategic initiatives, effectively managing your projects can be a challenge. Your complex and multidimensional programs require enterprise level management and collaboration across projects, business units, and geographic areas in order to minimize budget overruns, deadline extensions, and project failures.

At Kaizen Technologies, our EPM solutions support your organization's initiatives by enabling you to use our people, processes, and technology to competitive advantage, and by helping you to choose the right project investments and then drive them to successful completion.

 Kaizen Technologies continues to help organizations introduce and use classic project management processes. Additionally, our experience shows that significant efficiency, effectiveness, and cost reduction are achieved when an EPM environment is established. With today's pressure to deliver more with less resource, many of our clients have come to Kaizen Technologies asking:

  • How do I establish a strategic view of projects across the enterprise?
  • How do I reduce the risk of project failure and optimize project resources?
  • How do I maximize the benefit realization of projects?
  • How do I prioritize projects across business units and ensure that these initiatives are aligned with the strategic goals of the organization?

Through the effective implementation of the Kaizen Technologies EPM framework, our clients have achieved a number of significant benefits, some of which include:

  • Project teams have industry and organizational leading practices at their disposal so they no longer reinvent the wheel every time a new project is started
  • Project management is no longer only as good as the experience and time constraint of a few individuals; many people have the capability to successfully manage and deliver projects
  • Having timely and accurate performance metrics measuring stakeholder delivery expectations
  • Having consistent project process and techniques, and continuous process improvement as part of the project management culture leading to minimized project cycle-time and maximizing probability of successful project completion
  • Detecting and correcting problems early in the project cycle through the use of a mature and widely understood project management techniques.

Kaizen Technologies' Program and Project Management EPM framework incorporate the following solution offerings:

  • Project Management which include capability assessments, skills coaching, and project tools implementation
  • Business Management of IT, which helps introduce process workflow management, integration of technology and project management capability

Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

Enterprise Project Management (EPM), which provides a foundational methodology supporting the setup and jumpstart of an Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO), knowledge management infrastructure, program controls, and benefits realization.

Kaizen Technologies’ EPM solutions and experienced professionals can help your business reduce the risk of project failure, effectively prioritize program initiatives, optimize internal resources, and improve the return on project investment.

Kaizen Technologies’ solutions are focused on accelerated implementation and rapid returns on investment, and we can help you realize significant cost savings and optimize your resources with our comprehensive approach to program management.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

  1. Software Development Projects
    • Custom S/w Application development Projects
    • Enhancement Projects
    • Maintenance Projects
    • Migration / Conversion Projects
  2. Staffing Projects
    • Group or Project Staffing
    • Multi-Location / Multi-Country Staffing
    • Contract & Permanent Staffing
  3. Engineering Projects
    • CAD / CAM
    • Stress Analysis
    • Off-Shore Manufacturing
  4. Out-Sourcing/Off-Shore Projects
  5. Training & Skill Enhancement Projects