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Soft. Dev. Maintenance

Software Application Developemnt Maintenance

Kaizen’s BPO Services team can help. We have found that a delicate balance of the right strategy, technology and business processes can help you get past these challenges. This is why we have developed an Applications Management solution designed to provide flexible, full-life-cycle information technology support that enable companies to stay focused. This solution can support your entire information technology life cycle, from formulating the initial technology strategy through development and integration of core applications to providing day-to-day operational support.

We can deliver these solutions on all major technologies and vendor suites, on all major platforms, globally and at scale. With the right blend of on-site, off-site, near-shore and off-shore resources available as needed, our solution can be adapted quickly as business needs evolve over time. Our experienced professionals work collaboratively with our best-of-breed solution partners at a global level to provide the most efficient and cost-effective route to reliable operations.

Our Delivery model is designed to provide integrated global support to our clients by leveraging our infrastructure technology capabilities with our application specific expertise. In addition, our AnyShore ROI solution can provide a more flexible approach for clients wishing to access lower-cost technology-skilled resources in geographic locations, which offer a more mature program management methodology.

We have honed the science of application management virtually to a fine art - balancing the right strategy, technologies, methodologies and processes, delivering better and reliable applications to our clients.

Our solutions cover the entire application life cycle activities, from formulating the technology strategy through architecture, development, maintenance and providing day-to-day operational support.

Kaizen’s Application Management suite of services include:

Application Development & Maintenance

Our end-to-end application development services, coupled with our Global Flexi-Delivery model offers our clients a wide range of engagement options to support their application development needs. Our expertise in technologies covers legacy technologies such as mainframes, COBOL and C, client server technologies such as Powerbuilder, VB, object oriented languages such as Java, C++, databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and the latest web technologies such as J2EE and .Net.

Kaizen provides end-to-end solutions for maintaining your portfolio of applications. Kaizen’s well-defined Application Maintenance methodology focuses on smooth transitioning of your application maintenance activities to a group of seasoned professionals and providing 24X7 support based on well-defined SLAs.

Kaizen provides range maintenance and support services that include providing teams that can help you maintain your applications by delivering enhancements and bug fixes to providing production support. Our offerings cover the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) - from business case analysis to warranty support of the application.

Database Management

An integral part of our managed services offering is our capacity to administer and manage databases, with our extensive experience in DB2, Oracle, Sybase , MS -SQL, and Informix on several platforms. Through our onsite-offshore model, we enable our client to drastically reduce day-to-day administration expense while providing high quality and availability services.

Database Administration and Monitoring services provided by Kaizen include the following:

  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Partition maintenance.
  • Installation & upgrade of patches
  • User account management
  • Clean up of file systems.
  • Data loading from ASCII text files to tables.
  • Automated schema analysis.
  • Automated index rebuilds.
  • Database Migration
  • Diagnosing database performance issues and performance tuning

Server Management 

Kaizen’s Server management offerings ensure that server parameters and operating systems are administered and tuned well to ensure effective functioning of client’s applications and systems. Some of the services offered as part of Server Management are as follows:

  • Installing and configuring operating system
  • Job scheduling/ monitoring
  • Backup management
  • Fault monitoring and management
  • Service pack / patch management.
  • Maintaining license agreements
  • DHCP, WINS and DNS administration and monitoring
  • Domain policies and security management
  • Resolving operating system problems
  • User account management

Mail Management 

Kaizen’s Mail management services helps clients ensure smooth functioning of their mail systems, with minimal impact to users. Our offerings address the complete management of mail systems, which include the following:

  • Administration of Mail Servers
  • User account management
  • Backups and transaction log management
  • Monitoring mail queues
  • Managing post offices and mail boxes
  • Management of internet mail systems
  • Implementation of mail policies
  • Messaging environment migration

System/Network Administration & Security - Network Management 

Our team of networking experts looks at the management and monitoring of our client’s networks across various network topologies and technologies. The tool based SLA tracking mechanism helps us maintain very high service quality levels. We have standardized processes for change management and automated alerting mechanisms that enable day-to-day operational support with rapid turnaround for issue resolution.

Services provided as part of Network Management:

  • Management and monitoring of Hubs, Switches, Routers and Firewalls, including performance management
  • Monitoring LAN, WAN and Link status
  • Management of VLANS
  • Network topology management
  • Fault & configuration management
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Intrusion detection, firewall and incident management
  • Troubleshoot network systems and escalate the problems.

Security Management 

Our security policies enable us to provide high quality services in the area of security management. Some of the services offered include the following:

  • Developing Comprehensive security policies and procedures covering various platforms.
  • Conducting Quarterly Internal Audits and Annual External Audits.
  • Establishing well defined change control processes.
  • Periodic review and revision of security policies and procedures
  • Emergency Response Teams to deal with security breaches.

Application Migration & Re-engineering

We help our clients improve performance of their IT infrastructure through upgrades and migration of existing hardware and software. We provide the following services as part of platform migration:

  • Operating system upgrades
  • Upgrading messaging applications to newer versions and implementation of feature enhancements
  • Infrastructure design and re-architecture to improve performance
  • Database upgrades

Infrastructure Management 

Kaizen helps clients optimize and consolidate its IT infrastructure including their storage, server, and network environment. Our IT infrastructure consolidation services help client realize huge cost savings. Also our expertise in aiding in operational consolidation of both hardware and software will help in reducing overheads and enable easier maintenance and enhancement.

Kaizen’s IT Infrastructure Management is aimed at carrying out a detailed analysis of the client’s IT infrastructure team and providing the client with detailed recommendations on ways to improve use of existing IT infrastructure keeping in mind the resulting cost structure. It begins with a determination of Client’s strategic business and technical objectives. Then a comprehensive analysis of the key infrastructure areas that impact the performance and scalability of your IT infrastructure is done. Risks are then identified, and action items/ improvement areas suggested.

Enterprise Application Integration

At Kaizen we understand the key challenges to architecting IT infrastructure that can scale to the growing demands of business. Our team of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) consultants focuses on enabling our clients to greatly enhance and re-architect their infrastructure, providing “always-on”, high performing, and scalable services to users.