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Architecture of RapIT

RapIT architecture is Decoupled Architecture which enables adding a new listener (client adaptor) and Data adaptor simple without changing the existing environment and source code.

 Various features of RapIT Are :

Platform Independence

RapIT is developed using open standards and platforms, such as Java, XML, HTTP and TCP/IP. RapIT is compatible with most hardware and software platforms. The core software will function with the same capabilities whether it is running on AIX, Windows NT or a Sun Platform.

Light weight

The software carries the bare minimum functionality to ensure that clients get what they need instead of a thick layer that could decrease the performance or make it difficult to enhance or customize. RapIT achieves additional functionality by providing a plug and play mechanism, where one component in the software is independent of the other.

Quick Integration

Unlike many of the Integration tools that are available on the market, configuring and working with RapIT requires very little time. Many of the products in the market require a substantial learning curve to configure them. RapIT is intended to be an out-of-the-box solution and has minimum learning curve.


RapIT was developed to ease implementation of adding or modifying new services/transaction. Routing a existing transaction request to different target is as simple as making a change in the RapIT Control Center.

System Availability

RapIT reduces downtime during system enhancements without bringing down the RapIT infrastructure or the Operating System. Enhancements or changes to the environment can be made available by executing respective Java component.