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Social Platforms

A socially connected thought process for web applications

Nothing works better for a business than to connect directly with your audience. Engaging your consumer via the means they are more comfortable with is the norm of evolving business trends. We assist you to overhaul your offerings to encompass the available social platforms or re-construct a new socially aware platform to engage with your end consumer. Making your offerings flexible and accessible in such evolving formats ensures growth and success and helps you address consumer needs unswervingly.

Innovations in consumer social web services create both opportunity and risk for your enterprise. Your customers and employees are increasingly gathering in online communities of like-minded people, and there is an urgent, growing need to nurture these communities. The organizations that succeed and leverage this social momentum increase loyalty, brand value, and revenue. Those that fail to do so will be stuck merely watching as their communities self-organize wherever the community wants to - probably out of sight, out of mind and out of the influence of the organization.


Key highlights -

  • Drupal is being used in enterprise-grade Social Publishing
  • Drupal addresses underlying drivers for enterprise social software
  • Open source development helps Drupal outpace any proprietary alternatives

We support organizations in creating and growing their communities using Drupal