COVID-19 Response From Kaizen


  1. Voice Recognition Market to cross USD 7 Bn by 2026: Global Market Insights, Inc.

    PRESS RELEASE GlobeNewswire
    Nov. 18, 2020, 01:00 AM
    Selbyville, Delaware, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

  2. Kaizen Charity Event- Part of 25 Years Celebration

  3. 15 Critical Questions To Ask Before Starting A Business In Uncertain Times

    Entrepreneurship always carries a degree of risk, and it’s even riskier during uncertain times. Whether you’re facing industry-wide changes or a global economic downturn, outside factors can further complicate the process of starting a business.

  4. Biometrics: The Benefits And Challenges Of Remote Authentication Systems | Ashok Krish Forbes Councils Member | Forbes Business Council

    Ashok Krish is CEO at Kaizen Technologies, a serial entrepreneur and an innovation expert in voice & IT.Remote authentication tools such as iris, face, voice and finger vein detection, as well as behavioral biometric scans, can record a person's identity precisely and save it into a database.

  5. Kaizen Technologies contributes to TiE-NJ’s fund to support initiatives for the Disadvantaged Minorities & Women’s Entrepreneurship

    TiE New Jersey committed itself to raise its contributions to building the ecosystem that would support both disadvantaged minorities as well as entrepreneurship for women.

  6. Kaizen Secure Voiz has been short listed startup to solve Bharath Access issue

    TiE has selected Kaizen Secure Voiz’s IVRS based Tele Teacher system from a list of 120+ startup.

  7. Kaizen Technologies Inc supports Hands of Hope, Edison, NJ a non-profit community based organization

    Kaizen Technologies, based out of Edison, NJ.

  8. Voice Biometrics A Major Choice for Security and Healthcare Says Edison Firm

    EDISON, N.J. — Voice biometrics is shaping up as a major choice for security and healthcare in 2020. For example, Edison based Kaizen Secure Voiz (KSV), a respected leader in the voice biometrics industry, services a leading national security firm employing hundreds with more than 50% mobile guards in the field.

  9. Top 100 Innovations of the world (INNOVATE New Jersey USA)

  10. Kaizen Secure Voiz to Improve AI based Contactless Biometrics Security during Covid-19

    Kaizen Secure Voiz patented voice biometrics & speech analytics software has made contactless authentication possible without having to place hands anywhere near a scanner or take off face masks which are required in public as a safety precaution.

  11. Detailed presentation on Voice Authentication for govt, industry and customer references

  12. Customer facing presentation on voice bio metrics by Kaizen Secure Voiz, NJ, USA - American English

  13. Kaizen Voice Biometrics Solution [ animation]

  14. Innovator Spotlight

  15. Touchless Interactions

    It is imperative in crisis times to disrupt and reinvent new models. Increased awareness of touchless interactions will fast-track the adoption of digital and social media marketing

  16. Kaizen joins the fight against COVID-19 by supporting the JFK Medical Center Foundation

    Kaizen a champion for community causes has always been proactive in helping and supporting the community whenever the need has arisen. As the world braces to combat the invisible enemy Kaizen like so many others joins the battle by supporting the JFK Medical Center Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund.